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I love my GPS as it helps me navigate to unfamiliar areas but this week it took me on a wild goose chase to the wrong area of town. When I followed it I wondered about it as it didn't seem right but I decided to trust it. This time I was disappointed as it took me somewhere entirely different so I missed the commitment I had. As I drove back home I couldn't help thinking how often we trust our GPS system so fully that we don't use our own wisdom to navigate to the destinations we are heading to. For the remainder of the week I made my GPS system mad as I went against the directions that kept blurting out, "at the next intersection make a U-turn." I ignored it and ended up at my appointments via more direct routes. But over the course of this week I have wondered how often we just move through life blindly without thinking or really processing things. Are we driving on autopilot and not thinking about the things we are doing? This thought will not leave me because I can't help but realize how dangerous this course can be. We must wake up and really think and listen and puzzle through our lives so we don't end up in wrong places or doing things that we will regret later on. Maybe it's time for us to defy our GPS systems and start thinking and puzzling out what we are doing in our lives.

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