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The Butterfly Cycle

Recently, the concept of the butterfly cycle has been speaking to my heart. Comparing my life to that of the butterfly cycle, I have been trapped in this cycle for years. I feel like I am like a caterpillar that continues to shed its skin over and over again as trials wash over me. I keep shedding my skin and then I eventually begin to spin my chrysalis where I remain. So much of my life has been spent inside that chrysalis where I am abandoned, isolated and alone. Just when I am emerging to fly as a butterfly I am hit with another trial that knocks me down and I retreat back inside my chrysalis where I am abandoned, isolated and alone all over again. This has been the pattern of my life that I somehow can't shake myself free of. I am stuck in the caterpillar or chrysalis phase where I have been trapped for years. It's amazing to think that these creatures can remain in these phases for a time as well. That has been me but I know that in time I will emerge and become just like those beautiful butterflies. This can only happen with God's help. He has the desire for all of us to be just like those beautiful butterflies but sometimes it means hard and difficult trials in which He changes us so we can become more and more like the individuals He intended us to be. This process can be painful and difficult but on this earth things will not be easy. But God promises that He will never leave us. So if you are stuck in the butterfly cycle as I have been for many years trust that God can help you become that beautiful butterfly that He intended you to be. In His perfect time we will soar high just like the butterflies do.

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