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I love to write but journaling has been challenging the past few weeks as so many things have vied for my time: work, decluttering our home, cleaning, praying, organizing our home, house work, cooking . . . One week passed, two weeks past and before I knew it one entire month had passed and I had not journaled. A few weeks ago, I finally made a list of all the goals I want to accomplish this year. I listed each goal with how many times I want to do them per day, per week or per month depending on the goal. So far two of my goals have been checked off and I'm finally on track with my daily journaling. If I don't journal then I can't hold myself accountable to my goals and I can't make headway with things I need to accomplish each day. One step at a time God is showing me what I need to do to stay on top of the things I sense He wants me to accomplish this year.

The biggest thing is that I must stand back up when I fall down. I must keep pushing forward even if it means I have to crawl for a bit to get the momentum to inch my way forward. Nothing will be accomplished if I don't make that first move. So every day I look at what I've done and see where I need to make improvements for the next day. Little by little I am making progress. And with every step that I make, victories begin to happen.

May we not lose heart with our efforts to achieve our goals. What we didn't do today we can strive to accomplish tomorrow. We must never give up. Keep aiming for the dreams you have in your mind. In time these things will be achieved.

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