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Suddenly, deep dark thoughts enveloped me and filled me with pain so profound that it overwhelmed my entire mind. The darkness was so thick that I could slice it with a knife. It took over me and covered me like a blanket, almost suffocating me. These deep dark thoughts plagued my mind and filled me with such intense pain that I wasn’t sure I could bear any more. The peace was suddenly gone from my mind and all that remained was blackness and anguish. I sat trying everything I could to push through this very difficult moment as Satan tried everything in his power to discourage and oppress me and encourage me to rely on unhelpful strategies that I'd used in the past. But I fought back determined that I was not going back to those old useless strategies. I hadn’t done them for months. Why would I go back to them again? So I sat on my bed listening to hymns, praying, crying and asking God to help me with this deep pain and suffering. It seemed like an eternity that I sat there crying, consumed by the darkest thoughts imaginable and wishing I could sleep but I couldn’t because my mind was oppressed by the ugliest thoughts. I did everything in my power to refrain from the temptations that tormented my mind. I cried out to God for support and asked God to raise my name to people’s minds so they would pray for me. Immediately, a peace came over me and I fell into a deep slumber. The oppression was gone, the darkness had been pushed away, the evil had been asked to leave and I could breathe and think again.

The Bible says in I Peter 5:8 that, "Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour." But when we cry out to God and rebuke Satan and ask God for help, God promises to help us. He pushes back the devil and causes the oppression to leave.

As I share these words I pray that we all will be more aware of Satan and his tactics. God gives us peace, joy, assurance, love and hope. It is these positive things that we need to remember and hold onto each and everyday. When we feel discouraged, sad, burdened and a gloominess overcoming us, we can be assured that these things come from Satan. We can ask God to rebuke Satan in the name of Jesus Christ and we can ask God to surround us with His presence. God hears these prayers and is eager to help us when we are being oppressed by the evil one. May we learn to cry out to God for the support and help we need. God is always there to hear our prayers!

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