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Over the years we have tried many diets as we've navigated through medical issues and food allergies. Recently, we began yet another diet and this one seems to be the best one we've ever tried. I love the recipes. They are easy and when I eat them I feel satisfied. Yes, I am busy cooking, hunting for recipes and searching for different supplies in the store but for the first time in many years I'm actually excited about this diet.

I have an entire process going on in my kitchen as I write. A dessert is in the fridge, soup I made last night is also in the fridge, nuts are being dehydrated in the oven after soaking all night, fat bombs are being made and there are more recipes to make as we plan for our week. It's a lot of work but for the first time I feel excited about the recipes and I'm enjoying the process. I'm also reaping the rewards of the new diet. My joints aren't stiff when I wake up in the morning and I have more mobility in my body. The aches and pains in my joints from a long day at work are gone. My cravings have diminished and I'm feeling satisfied. This diet process is something I'm thrilled and excited about. I know that for me it will be the diet I will continue for the remainder of my life. It's exciting that this time I can enjoy the process and that I'm reaping the rewards of it so quickly.

For several weeks I have been praying that God would help me eat better and improve my daughter's health and my own health. I specifically asked that He would guide us on this journey. This time I'm certain that God led us to this diet. It seems like the entire process has just fallen into place without difficulty. It has been a learning curve as with all diets but I've been able to jump in and make the recipes and prepare the food for our week. This time God is in charge and it has been so much easier.

What I've realized is that when I ask God for help, wisdom and insight in specific areas of my life, He answers these prayers. If I wait on Him, He will provide the perfect solution that is right for me. I'm learning that when I do this things fall into place more easily. Answers come and solutions happen.

God wants us to talk to Him and ask Him for help. He is willing to guide us. All we have to do is ask Him for wisdom. When we lean into God for support we are never disappointed. What is it that you need help with today? Ask God. He's eager to assist you with the challenges that you are facing in your life. In His perfect timing He will provide a solution.

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