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A Special Horse

Sometimes God sends special people into our lives just when we need it. Other times He sends animals to bless our lives. God did both of these for us. My son was going through a very difficult period in his life and we were needing to find someone else to help him. For months I worked with my son to the best of my abilities, all the while praying for God to open new doors. Six months later, someone from church provided me with information about a program that might work. My research on the internet filled me with hope. Indeed, it seemed like the perfect fit for my son to receive the help he needed. I contacted the person in charge and a few days later we found ourselves at a ranch talking to the professional who agreed to help my son with techniques nobody had ever used.

Every time we came to the ranch my son would choose a horse to work with. His favorite horse was Tango. There was a true connection between my son and Tango. One day my daughter and I were sitting on bleachers watching my son as he tried to take Tango's lead and guide the horse to a coral. I watched as my son struggled with Tango. The horse was more motivated with eating grass than listening to my son. For over twenty minutes my son struggled, shoulders and head sagging from discouragement, all the while the therapist watched. Finally, she came over to my son and showed him what he was doing and talked about how it wasn't working. My son took the lead closer to the halter and pulled the horse a few steps toward the coral. The horse paused for a few seconds and my son again pulled the lead, this time taking Tango the entire distance. The gate was closed when they entered the enclosure and Matthew was told to guide the horse around the enclosure. Tango wouldn't listen. Discouraged and upset Matthew was about to cry. Sensing his sadness and frustration, Tango came over to Matthew looked him in the eyes, put his head on my son's shoulder and stood there for a few seconds until Matthew had regained his composure. Then Tango backed away and waited for him to signal. Matthew gave the command and Tango walked around the coral. When they left there was confidence and hope in my son. There was also an even greater connection between he and Tango.

Over the years I have often thought that Tango was just as much of a savior and lifeline to Matthew as his therapist was. The horse journeyed through the things Matthew was struggling with, listened and responded. We say animals don't understand but this couldn't be further from the truth. Tango tried to remove balls that Matthew was supposed to carry on him, each symbolizing pain in his life. Tango kept biting at the ball that represented the most pain, he even kicked it away from my son more than once during that session. The horse was trying to protect Matthew and keep him safe. Miracles happened with Tango and his therapist.

Sometimes we look at our life and think that there is no hope or that we will always face certain situations or feel the way we do but over and over I am reminded that nothing is impossible with God. If He can take my son who was hurting so deeply, unable to face each day and change him than He can to do this for anyone. All we have to do is ask Him. Maybe we are in a waiting time, maybe we are in a praying time, maybe it's a silent time but I can assure you God is listening and in His perfect time and perfect way He will provide a solution. Nothing is ever impossible for God. Even our brokenness is something God can heal and mend. He knows exactly what we need and exactly when we need it.

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