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Seven Special Years

God knows exactly what we need. As I look back over my life I realize this. So much of my life has been difficult. Divorce has run rampant in both sides of my family destroying it in so many ways. Yet, despite the challenges of living in a family devastated by so many divorces, God provided an amazing family unit for me and a time in my life that I'm continually thankful for. I often look back at those special years of my childhood that lasted four years. Those years are what have kept me going for the remainder of my life.

My great aunts and great grandmother and that special town in California hold my heart. They are firmly etched in my mind. Even now over forty years later I can travel the roads of that community and know how to navigate. The details of that special time are firmly lodged in my mind.

Two years ago I had the opportunity to return to this special place and enjoyed traveling and exploring the areas that I remember. Some things had changed but many of the buildings and places I remembered so well still remained. It was like traveling back in time. The mountains and the beautiful views that surrounded me took my breath away. The memories of the years when we lived in that community remain. I ached to step back in time and be with my great aunts and cousins again in that time so long ago when we were all so happy. What I would give to slide down the laundry shoot once again, ride the horses, visit my great grandmother . . . I have chosen to hold onto those precious memories. That special time and special place are what keep me going. Often I have wished that we never moved away. It was the happiest time of my childhood.

But if we hadn't moved away I wouldn't have experienced another special time in my life that also remains close to my heart. This time occured during my college years when I met Larry. The memories of those years will also live on in my heart. They too are things that keep me going. Slipping back in time in my mind to these times is a blessing. Remembering the laughter, the fun and the blessings of these years are what keeps me going.

So much of my life has been filled with pain and difficulty. It seems I go from one trial to another and have for my entire life. But God in His grace gave me seven magical years of happiness, fun, joy and special memories that continue to keep me going. I'm thankful for these special years. Without these times I don’t think it would be as easy to push on and continue climbing the mountains and difficulties my life is constantly surrounded by. These years are my reminder that in time good things will happen again. So I keep pressing forward and leaning on God for support. In His time I will have more special years.

May we all learn to hold onto the beautiful memories in our life. These are the gifts God has given us to keep forever. May we never lose sight of them!

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