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Praising God in Difficulties

Last year was a very tough year for a variety of reasons. Yet, out of those trials God taught me so many awesome things. Tonight I must say I'm thankful for the journey I went through. I learned how to intercede and pray for people in an entirely new way. God showed me the power of deliverance prayers, the power of praying on the spiritual realm, the power of fasting and the power of praying and fasting with friends. Through many heartaches God worked to help me understand things I never would have known. He even led me to a book that has been the biggest blessing in my prayer life. I'm witnessing incredible changes now as I intercede. Miracles are unfolding before my eyes. This year God has instructed and guided me so much in my spiritual life.

When I was hurting and struggling God sent groups into my life that supported me. Amazing people became part of my life and I no longer found myself walking alone. Little by little these groups taught me how to find healing, hope, joy and peace even in the middle of chaos. Miracles and deliverance happened in my own life. I learned so many things last year despite the challenges I faced. It was a year of growth and learning in so many unbelievable ways.

This reminds me of the story Corrie ten Boom shared when she and her sister were prisoners during World War II. Her sister insisted that they praise God for the fleas. Corrie could not understand this. Why praise God for those miserable creatures? But those fleas are what allowed them to share Jesus with the prisoners as no soldiers would enter that room. In this flea-infested place they could sing, talk about God and help the prisoners become Christ followers. Praising God for the fleas indeed was important because there was a blessing even there.

May we all learn to praise God even for the fleas in our lives. Gratitude is something we must have each and every day. Our days may be terrible but at the end of the day may we not focus on the bad but may we focus on the good. There is always something positive that we can think about. This is what God wants us to do. In doing so it will transform our lives. May we be people who can find good even in our difficulties. There is always a silver lining out there for us to see!

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