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Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare is real. It's happening all around us. We must be alert as Christians and wake up. God needs us to stop slumbering and begin fasting and praying so that changes can happen in the spiritual realm. There is a war raging between Satan and God. Daily, Satan is working to destroy everyone he can. This process begins from the time of our birth. If Satan causes us to lose sight of God or steers us off the path God intended for our lives then God's plan for us will not come to pass. We know that we serve a much mightier God but He needs us to be spiritual warriors for Him so He can attack Satan's army.

When I think about this war I think about C.S. Lewis's story, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. In that story he describes a world controlled by the white witch who causes it to only be winter. She turns all her enemies into stone. But Aslan comes and a war is fought and the world turns beautiful again. Winter melts away and the green grass returns. The weather becomes warm and the stone people are brought back to life.

This story has been running through my mind as I envision our world today. So many Christians are "stones" as they are slumbering so deeply that they are unaware of Satan's tactics and plans. The world is becoming more and more evil and God's soldiers are having to withdraw because of the lack of interest in Him. We need to wake up and fight against the evil that surrounds us. It's time we fast and pray for our families, our communities, our churches and our nation. Now is the time to ask God to return. He will not come back if we don't ask Him to. We must fast and pray. When we do this our churches and communities can again turn away from the cold winter that we see. God needs all of us to stand up and begin to pray for our leaders, our friends, our families, our churches, our communities and our world. It's time we begin to fast and pray so God can work mightily and bring an end the wickedness in this world. Will you join in?

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