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A New Name

Names are something we are given at birth but our experiences in life also give us names that cause us to take on a new identity. For me these are: unappreciated, unloved, unwanted, unsupported, overlooked, abandoned, worthless, unaccepted . . . Life's experiences shape and define us. These thoughts come to us and fill us with pain and heartache. Satan consumes us with lies so he can take us down and spiral us into a depression that can then fill our lives with addictions.

The Lord wants to give us a new name. When we accept Him into our lives He clothes us with a new robe that allows us to take on a new name. He wipes away our tears and loves on us. Slowly, He begins to change us inside and out as we learn to lean into Him and stop listening to Satan's lies. In the process God gives us a new name. Eventually, our old names are shed and we become: appreciated, loved, wanted, supported, worthwhile, respected, admired, treasured, accepted . . . The images in our minds are filled with new ones and slowly the painful ones become smaller and smaller. The new names become louder and louder and they are the things that begin to define us as God loves on us and places us where we can grow, heal and flourish. In time God takes our difficulties and turns them into blessings. He never wastes a hurt.

Are you struggling? Is there hurt in your life that is weighing you down? Lean into God. Tell Him about your pain. Ask Him for help. In time He will begin to change you and you'll acquire a new name.

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