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For years we had the most amazing cheerleader anyone could ever have, my mom. She encouraged, helped and lifted us up just when we needed it most. It was her strength that got my children and I through many incredibly challenging years. Her support provided us with courage to face some very emotionally draining years. She inspired all of us. When we felt unsupported, unloved and unappreciated all we needed to do was turn to my mom for the love, support and appreciation we needed. It was her strength that made life bearable for my kids and I. When she died we lost our cheerleader.

Life has been challenging ever since. We have been crawling. Thankfully though God has His way of sending people into our lives just when we need it most. It's these people that have kept us sane over the past three years.

But these small bright points of positivity have been clouded by difficulty since my mom's death. The place where we should have found encouragement, love and acceptance became one of trial and difficulty. My child who was already hurting so deeply from the loss of her grandmother, was trampled on even more. She was criticized and judged over and over again. Everything she did to help was attacked and her efforts were sabotaged.

Our cheerleader was gone and life seemed so incredibly difficult. We felt so unloved, unsupported and unappreciated. Life for us was challenging already, why place ourselves where we were trampled on even more? We finally ran to a new place where we found encouragement and acceptance. A leadership position opened for my daughter where she was mentored. Again she was surrounded by cheerleaders who encouraged and inspired her. She grew and blossomed and developed a love and passion for children's ministry.

Life can be so incredibly cruel and brutal. Daily, we are all surrounded with trials and difficulties. The challenges we face in our lives at times seem they will take us down. The pain of grief, lack of family support, challenges at home, financial stress, work and school can be overwhelming. Many of us are hanging on by the thinnest thread. What we need is encouragement and support. May we be cheerleader's for God, people who bring hope, love and encouragement to others. We need more cheerleaders in this world!

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