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Facing Our Pain

All of us have cut our finger on a knife at some point in our life. What do we do? Do we ignore that our finger is bleeding? No, of course not. That would be foolish. We apply a bandage to it and stop the bleeding. But so often in other areas of our life we don't even validate the existence of our feelings or our inner hurts. Maybe it's abandonment from our childhood, an addiction to alcohol or drugs, an eating disorder, sexual addictions, emotional over eating, codependency, overspending, trauma, scars from abuse, anxiety, depression, grief, loneliness . . . The list is endless. But so often we deny these things in our lives. My question is this. How can we begin to heal if we don't face our feelings? It's the same principle as a cut finger that will continue bleeding until pressure and a bandage are applied. May we stop denying our pain, stop covering it up, stop pretending it doesn't exist. May we face our pain, embrace our feelings and ask God to come alongside us and help so true healing can begin in our lives.

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