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A Joseph Calling

I love the story of Joseph. Trials and tribulations were part of Joseph's life for years, yet Joseph never lost hope and faith in God. Despite the heartache he endured in Egypt, He reminded his brothers that although they meant it for evil God meant it for good. Joseph was a man of tremendous faith and I admire him.

As I look back over my life, I too have faced incredible challenges and heartaches. Lacking support, acceptance and love from my denomination, I finally ran away with my kids and opened the doors to a non denominational church with an amazing children's ministry. That happened nine years ago when I was dealing with the aftermath of an incredible hurdle and disappointment where I heard God tell me something and then suddenly just like Joseph I was thrown into years of trials and adversity. During this very challenging time I was thankful for this church that accepted us as we were, broken and hurting. I've really had a hard time with my denomination's lack of acceptance and love. It has hurt me deeply. But God reminded me recently that although they did bad things, God worked them for good. If these terrible things hadn't happened, the plan God had for my life and my children's life wouldn't have been possible. God had a plan for my children and I. He wanted my daughter to be a youth pastor, he wanted a support system to be provided for my son at a time when he desperately needed it and he wanted a new ministry to develop for me. Blessings happened despite our pain and heartache just as they did for Joseph. If these bad things hadn't happened we wouldn't be on the path God has for our lives.

Are you facing pain and suffering just as Joseph did? Don't give up hope. Continue trusting in God. He is in control of your life and He has a plan. Keep clinging to Him and His promises.

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