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A Willing Spirit

When I was a teenager I had the opportunity to dog sit for a family that lived around the corner from us. Twice a day I fed the dog and took it out for walks. Dogs are wonderful creatures except when they have a stubborn streak. On one of our walks he plopped down on the sidewalk and refused to move. No amount of coaxing or pushing his over 80 pounds of solid mass would change his mind. He refused to budge.

Today this image came to me when I was reminded of my conversation with God last night and all through the night. He specifically told me He wanted me to do something and I was just like that dog, dragging my feet and telling God I didn't want to go through all that work all over again. Thankfully God is patient. He said nothing just insisted that it was what He wanted me to do and waited for me to relinquish my will and to trust in His plan. If He wants me to do something He has a reason. I must trust Him and comply. So I have agreed to conform to His plan. Good will come. It's time I stop refusing like that dog did so long ago and allow Him to lead.

Is there something God is asking you to do? Are you stalling like I have been? May we lean into God for the power to relinquish our will and trust Him with the plans He has for our lives. It's time we stop fighting and start trusting. Lord, help us listen to what you ask us to do and obey. Fill us with your willing spirit.

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