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A Rescue Ship

Ever been in a place where you feel like you are in the middle of the ocean treading water? I have felt like that many times in my life. This year was one of those years. My life was so incredibly busy as I was working two jobs, helping out all kinds of people, renovating my home and dealing with incredible stress in my own life. Many days it was all I could do to make it through another day. Exhaustion consumed me. Solutions for our problems evaded me. Support was pulled out from under me when a door closed. I was out in the ocean about to be consumed by the water. My life had become unmanageble and God seemed so far away. All I knew was I needed support, acceptance and love so I walked out one door and entered the new door God opened to me. I ran through that door and when I did God met me where I was and provided people who listened to my pain and sent me through a door that would bring support, healing and hope back into my life. That happened six months ago. Now I look at that door with an incredibly grateful heart. A rescue ship came and pulled me aboard just when I couldn't carry on anymore. I was surrounded by people who care, people who took their masks off and were real to me. They allowed me to remove the mask I'd been holding for so long and be real to them even in my brokenness and pain. My tears didn't bother them and neither did my pain. They taught me the principles and steps to find healing and hope. That all started six months ago. It's been the best door I've ever entered. I'm thankful for the amazing family I now have that allows me to be myself flaws, blisters, warts and all. They accept me as I am and pray for me. In turn I listen to them, pray for them and watch God do amazing things in their lives. God's rescue ship was the best thing I've ever been on. Not a day has gone by in the past six months where I haven't thanked God for sending it to me. It has been six months of hard work but the journey has been well worth it.

Are you hurting? Does your life seem unmanagable? Are you feeling alone, depressed, unaccepted, overwhelmed, abandoned and unsupported? There is a place for you to find hope, peace, love and support. God is there to hear your pain, to teach you the steps and principles for His healing. Is it time to open the doors to that rescue ship, Celebrate Recovery? Maybe it's just the place you need.

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