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Stress to Blessings

Last year I was forced to compromise my health to fulfill a mandatory regulation. For days I was left fighting for my life as I struggled for every breath I took. Eventually, I ended up in the emergency room. Last week started on a very difficult note. It seemed to set the stage for our entire week. A few days into the week I found myself fighting again for what I believe with my health. I knew I couldn't face another year with the same problem so I asked God for wisdom. A few days ago a solution seemed impossible but late one night a friend prayed with me and helped me compose a letter that changed the course of my week. The following day was my day of praying with friends and fasting. That was the day I watched God change hearts and minds to sway in a decision that would lead to the protection of my health and life. It was amazing to see what God did. He worked miraculously to spare my life and protect my health.

Later in the week I watched God turn the day and hour I have begun dreading into a blessing. That difficult time was transformed into one that was rewarding and productive.

Are you facing struggles and hardships? Don't be afraid to ask God for help. Call a friend. Ask people to pray for you. I promise God has a solution and plan for the most difficult situations in your lives. Don't be afraid to cry out to Him. He is ready and willing to help.

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