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A Word of Encouragement

The world of technology consumes our lives. Social media is part of this era. One small word can make my day when I feel I'll be crushed by life. That word is "like," that little button on Facebook posts. Sometimes it's just knowing that someone out there likes what I've posted that keeps me going. It brightens my day just like a smile would. For me it's the brilliant spot in my most challenging days.

As the years pass life just gets busier and filled with more activities. The stress of work, family and life can be overwhelming at times as I deal with the insurmountable tasks I face. Some days I wonder if I'll make it to the end of the week but God somehow sustains and strengths me for each and every day. He sends reassurance to keep me going.

The little things in life matter: smiles, opening doors for people, buying groceries for someone, taking someone to church, helping someone carry something, cards, phone calls . . . These are the bright points in people's lives, the things that encourage individuals who are struggling. May we be people who bring hope and encouragement to others. It is these little things that matter.

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