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The Significance of Passover

Passover has been running through my mind the past few days. Over and over again I think about the importance of this story. There is such an incredible symbolism about this event for us even now. The Israelites were told to kill one-year old lambs that were free from blemishes and roast the meat on a fire. The blood was to be sprinkled along the tops and sides of their doorways so when the angel of death passed by he would pass over the homes where the blood was sprinkled.

Over and over again I can't help thinking how important this symbolism is for us especially today. All around us a spiritual war is raging. God wants to know if we are for Him or against Him. If we don't ask Him to come into our homes He cannot come in. God is not a God that forces His way into our lives. He is a God that wants us to ask Him in because we love Him. So here we are now in the middle of the most heated war between God and His soldiers and Satan and his soldiers. The only way God can protect us is when we put God's blood over our doors by asking Him to come into our homes and our communities. When we do this, it puts up a hedge of protection around us.

Driving around the neighborhoods now I am reminded of the significance of Passover. Neighborhoods are covered in Halloween decorations and I have asked myself if it has any significance in this spiritual war that surrounds us. When we mark our homes with ghosts, goblins, witches and other scary things I wonder what that says to God? Are we showing God that we are for Him or against Him?

The spiritual significance of the Passover really touched me as I was driving home tonight. I can't help but think that what we put outside our home has an spiritual significance in the warfare that surrounds us. I want to mark the doorposts of my home with the blood of God. I want to put Godly things outside my yard especially during this time of the year when there is so much darkness with the practice of Halloween. I want to mark my home with God's blood so He can permiate my home and protect my family and I from the evil that surrounds us. Will you join me?

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