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Keep Pushing Forward!

A memory has been running through my mind this week. Grieving is a process. I will never forget a dean that I was introduced to shortly after the painful events of Larry's death. She lost her husband and I will never forget the pain that was etched into her face. I wondered if I would always feel the same sorrow and sadness I saw on her face. The heaviness of her pain was so incredibly intense. She was just surviving one minute at a time, one day at a time, trying not to be overtaken by her grief. She was simply treading water, pushing through her pain, pushing through her day one painful step at a time.

There are days in which that is what we must do too, just push through them. That was my day today and my week this week. It is moments and days like this that we wish we could throw in the towel and just stop everything but just like grief that isn't an option. We must keep pushing forward despite the pain and heartache.

Only God knows the plan that is in store for our lives. We must trust in Him even when we have tough and difficult days and weeks where there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Keep pushing forward. Listen to Christian music, talk to a friend, pray, take a walk, keep inching your way forward. It isn't fun but sometimes that's all we can do.

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