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God's Love Surpasses Denominations

God has an incredible way of expanding our minds, our thoughts and our concepts when we allow Him to. As a child I was a pastor's kid two times, by my biological father and later by my step father. I was raised in denominational church schools from kindergarten all the way through college. The concepts of my faith and believes were very much based on my upbringing and belief that my denomination was where I was meant to go to church, anything else seemed so wrong. But life, trials, single parenting, God and my reading of the Bible began to wash away at my believes like the waves of the ocean. Lack of acceptance in my denominational church as a single mom, being treated like a black sheep, being unsupported yet dealing with trials that almost destroyed me, began to wear away at my belief system. When I needed help the most in my own denomination, there was no support. So hurting and alone I finally opened the doors to a non-denominational church with the most amazing children's ministry. We began attending twice a week both services allowed me to have a few hours break from my children, the first true break I had in years. It was such a blessing! My kids grew and thrived and I did too. Finally, I could hear a sermon without trying to keep my squirming, restless child entertained and quiet. It was a huge blessing for all of us!

God taught me in my journey that denominations will not save us. It is our relationship with God that saves us. Denominations are man-made institutions. The Bible says nothing about Baptists, Protestants, Presbyterians, Seventh-day Adventists, Lutherans, Methodists etc. It talks about the Jewish people, the Israelite's and all the people groups God wanted to reach. The reality is God loves all of us, red, yellow, black or white, Protestants, Baptists, Catholics, Lutherans, Presbyterians etc. God wants to save us all. All we need to do is allow Him to be the leader of our lives. It is this relationship that matters most. All of us are in a different place and different journey in life and what works for each of us is different. Blessings happen when we realize this and follow God's lead. May we stop judging and start loving everyone!

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