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Culture and today’s world dictates that a person is not complete unless they are dating or married. So many teens and single adults run from one relationship to another as if it is a ping pong game. So many people feel insecure and unhappy unless they are dating. This saddens me! Many people feel the need to match up single individuals but I challenge each of us to rethink things. Singleness is not a curse. It is a tremendous blessing! When you’re single, you can accomplish many things you can't when you’re married. It’s a tremendous time to learn, grow, have fun and become the person God intended for you to become. Don't sell yourself short. Singleness is God's blessing to you not His curse. When we embrace this concept and grow in God then God can do tremendous things in our lives. He has a plan. Trust Him to guide and lead in your lives. Chase after what He has for you not what you want. His plans are so much better than what we have in mind. He wants us to be happy, content and to love life! He knows us better than we know ourselves and He has awesome plans for all of us. I challenge all of you single people out there to lean back in God's arms and trust Him. Don't go chasing after what the world preaches. Go out and have fun. Enjoy life and continue growing. God will bless!

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