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Tonight the realization hit me that Satan takes so much advantage of us and our life. He attacks us with his voices of: depression, anxiety, worries, discouragement, stress, condemnation, feelings of being a failure etc. and then he preys on us until we believe these lies so he can cause us to run to addictions that hold us in bondage. His goal is to keep us constantly stressed, worried, upset and tormented so the addictions appear to be the only solution we have. We need to reach out to God in these moments and ask Him for help. When we do this He will fill us with His voice of: reassurance, calmness, forgiveness, encouragement, comfort, peace and strength. Our job is to reach out to God and to others that can pray for us in our times of weakness. Intercessory prayers and God's power will get us through these attacks by the Devil. We must not give up and give in. This is what Satan hopes we will continue to do and when we do our life continues to remain hopeless and out of control. We must learn to head the voices of God and turn to Him in our moments of weakness. He promises to give us the strength and help we need. May we always learn to turn to Him.

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