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Hope. This small word is full of so much meaning. I will never forget the words of a pastor years ago. He defined hope as what gets us up in the morning. Wow! That was an amazing thought to me even then. Yet, there are times when it's so easy to lose hope. Life can be filled with so much pain and stress. There are seasons in which trying situations can cause hope to be so hard to find. I know because I have been there. The trials in my life have almost consumed me at times. Many times I have wondered if I would make the climb up the steep slope that has been in front of me. The impossibility of live’s challenges have made that immense mountain seem all the more difficult to manage. Hope has sometimes slipped from my grasp in the intensely tough circumstances I've found myself in. Yet, I know that if I cry out to God and ask Him to help me, He will do that. There have been many times in my tears when I have asked God to help me find that hope again. Sometimes it happens with special people He sends into my life, sometimes it is a difficult situation that changes, other times it is God placing me on a different path. It takes time but God never fails to help us when we ask Him to. Are you facing a time when your hope is slipping through your fingers? Are the difficulties of life consuming you? Don’t be afraid to cry out to God. He is ready to hear your cries. In His time and His perfect way He will provide the help you need.

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