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Tears from Heaven

This week a thought crossed my mind about God. We all have days where the pain of our life consumes us and our heart is filled with intense sorrow and anguish that leaves us in tears. This week has been one of those weeks. On a very difficult day, I recalled the smallest verse in the Bible found in John 11:35. It says, "Jesus Wept." These are two small words with so much meaning.

The sky had been overcast much of the day and we had scattered rain showers. In the evening the rain poured from the sky and it was then the thought came to me. God cries with us when we are in tears and when the pain of our life is so tremendous and life so overwhelming. In the middle of the storms of life, He is right there with us. The rain was a reminder that God was crying with me too. His tears were coming down in the torrents of rain that I was seeing and hearing. He heard my pain, heartache and suffering. And He was grieving and hurting just as I was.

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