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Soaring Like a Butterfly

Years ago my kids and I had the amazing opportunity of watching the life cycle of butterflies. We watched the eggs turn into caterpillars and watched the caterpillars grow bigger and bigger. Then one day we saw them begin to hang. At first it seemed as though nothing was happening then slowly before our eyes changes began to happen. They formed a chrysalis and the caterpillar disappeared. It seemed as though nothing was happening but inside tremendous changes were happening. Today the thought of this process entered my mind and I began thinking about how God was involved in that transforming process in the caterpillar just as He is in our own lives. He begins working on us and at first nobody notices the changes. Sometimes we don't even notice but changes begin to happen. Maybe it is healing from pain, maybe it is healing from addictions, maybe it's healing from hurts, maybe it's grief or loneliness or a past of abuse. Whatever the case God is in the healing business. He can transform our lives just as He does with the caterpillar. He can transform us into beautiful butterflies that are free from the pain and baggage of our past. All we have to do is ask Him to help us. Maybe you are hurting today, maybe you are grieving, maybe there is an addiction that has had a hold on you all of your life. God wants to heal you and make you whole again so you can fly just like a butterfly. May we trust the master healer to help us become the most exquisite butterfly ever even here in this sin-filled world. May we soar into the sky just as the butterfly does and fulfill the plans God has for our lives!

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