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Big or Small

I love being outside! And when life becomes too overwhelming or stressful, I retrieve into nature. I need to be outside as much as I need time to write and pray. Yesterday, I got home early and really wanted to go rollerblading but the rain prevented me from doing that so I went to my favorite garden center and began searching through the familiar perennials as we needed some for our backyard. I purchased Shasta Daisies and Coreopsis, two perennials I grew to love when I worked grounds. When I came home, I dug holes and planted the flowers. As I was headed to the front yard to dig out a bush I have been wanting to remove for ages, I said to God, "Please send rain to water the plants so I don't have to." By that point it was getting late and I was very tired and hot and sweaty. I'd just finished digging out the bush and had dug the last hole when the rain began to fall. I placed the Shasta Daisy in the hole and covered it and had gathered all my tools together when it started pouring. It felt so good standing in the downpour. It reminded me of how much I used to love running in the rain. I stood outside and let the rain cool me down. It felt so good! As I stood in the torrent enjoying its coolness, God reminded me that if He can answer my small prayers, He can also answer my big prayers. He is in control of everything big or small!

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