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Colored Lenses

This morning a thought hit me that I must share. Each of us have colored lenses that we view life through. These colored lenses are ones we gain because of hurts we have faced in life. Maybe it is grief, abuse, abandonment, rejection, Insecurities . . . Situations happen in life and these things color our experiences and cause us to react sometimes in good ways, sometimes in bad ways. God is showing me and helping me understand more about these colored lenses in my own life. With His help and guidance I am learning that I don't have to carry these lenses that color things in my life. He wants me to take on His lenses and be the person He created me to be. This is only possible through His power. So today when I return to the church that means so much to me, I ask that God will help me to finally be able to put on His lenses. My prayer is that all of us may put on His lenses so we can be the people He intended all of us to be!

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