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Debbie Gordon Grief Coach


Grief Coaching 

Grief coaching is a way to propel you forward in your life by unpacking things in your past that hold you back. A grief coach explores ways to help you move through your grief and pain and explores how to eventually find meaning in your life.  A grief coach is a guide that teaches you concepts that will unlock the future for you. Instead of being stuck, you begin to propel yourself forward. A coach holds you accountable for the action steps you want to take in your life so you can accomplish goals that once seemed impossible to you.  

Joy After Mourning

Debbie Gordon Grief Coach

Grief Recovery

Are you interested in a weekly grief recovery group?  This group will help you move forward with courage so you can achieve your dreams.

Reinvention Coaching

Debbie Gordon Grief Coach

8 Weeks

Reinvention coaching moves you from where you are right now to where you want to be. This 8-week coaching package is life-changing. 

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Worthy Coaching

Debbie Gordon Grief Coach

10 Weeks

When you feel you aren't enough or you aren't good enough, you also fear you'll never have enough. Worthy gives you tools to find wholeness and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

My Story

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I sat choking back tears after hearing the words, “We don’t need you anymore. Find a new ministry.” I tried to be strong and compose myself, although every piece of me felt so hurt. I finally said, “I’ve never felt loved or accepted here. I'll find a new door.”


This incident was the catalyst for my journey toward healing. I felt so alone and so unloved. My voice had never mattered to anyone. A week later, I opened the doors to a Celebrate Recovery ministry. I finally felt loved, supported, and accepted for the person I was at that moment: broken, grieving, hurting, hopeless, alone, and abandoned. I was surrounded by a group of women who loved and accepted me. They became my support system. I no longer was alone. I flourished and grew. The pastor of this ministry saw my talents and paid for me to receive training so I could become a leader. Finally, someone saw my gifts and wanted to use them. I began to heal and grow and embrace the person I truly am. I stepped away from people pleasing and always caring for others and learned to take care of myself. As I did, miracles began to happen in my life, and I began to heal.


As I did my healing work, dreams I had for years began to materialize. My memoir, which I had been working on for 28 years, was finally published. I began public speaking, became a certified grief coach, and a certified grief educator. The doors to my dreams finally opened.


What dreams do you have for your life?

What is standing in the way?

Why I Started Coaching
Debbie Gordon Grief Coach

My biggest challenge my entire life has been extreme shyness. Therefore, my world, life, and friendships have all remained extremely small. But I’m an author, public speaker, and grief coach, which doesn’t allow me to remain small. I have to be visible. But until I did my own healing journey as I trained to be a grief coach, I couldn’t push past the barrier in my way. Something held me back. It was as if someone was holding my suspenders and kept pulling me back when I was trying to move forward. It all shifted when I uncovered beliefs from my childhood that were holding me back. Then I began to change. I began to push past the restraints that had once held me back, and as I did, I became more visible. 


What obstacles are in the way of you achieving your dreams?  

Ready to get inspired?

My Inspirations for You

I created this blog for encouragement and inspiration. Romans 15:13 is my theme for my blog. It says, "May the God of Hope fill you with all Joy and Peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with Hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."


Romans 15:13

Success Stories

"I enjoyed this experience with Debbie so much. She was lovely, kind and focused on helping me understand the concepts, while making sure I stayed on track. I felt heard, understood yet guided. I highly recommend the program and Debbie, in particular. Thank you for such a life changing experience!"  -Karen


I'm so excited to share the books I've written. Please click through to Amazon to order.

Thank you in advance and Happy Reading!

Legacy of Love Book Cover by Debbie Gordon Grief Coach
Arrows of Truth Book Cover by Debbie Gordon Grief Coach
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